How do Software-UpToDate (SUTD) get to know that another Version of Software is avaible?

SUTD is working as community project that is clients report about new versions.

When will my software be supported?

The more users are using a designated software the better are chances that this software will be supported.

Do private Information be transferred?

No, only information about software versions will be transferred and never information from the software within.

Is it possible to determine wether i have cracked software?

No, this software is not able to look at your desk besides your pc if your original installation cd or license certificate lays there.

How program versions will be determined?

There are two methods. First installed packages will be determined from microsoft windows installer. For older software windows registry entries will be searched.

My versions won't be recognised correctly, what's going wrong?

Sometimes manufacturer misnumber their software wrong or even doesn't provide any version informations.

Are the informations encrypted while they are transferred to the server?

Yes, of course. But the encryption can be disabled in the options.

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